Keep Cool with a Booze-y Shake from TAG Burger Bar (Westword)

The Seven Coolest Boozy Frozen Drinks in Denver

One of the many boozy shakes at TAG Burger Bar is this beauty, Orange Is the New Float.EXPAND

One of the many boozy shakes at TAG Burger Bar is this beauty, Orange Is the New Float.
Linnea Covington

Sometimes in the summer, we come to a crossroads trying to decide whether to go the cocktail or the ice cream route. But why choose when you can have the best of both worlds? From slushies spiked with wine to milkshakes made with liquor to a special brunch drink involving a popsicle, there are gallons of options for those who like their dessert and tipple to co-exist. With that in mind, next time you want a cool, relaxing treat, head to one of these seven places, listed in alphabetical order, and give the boozy frozen drinks a try. Just make sure to bring your ID.  Read the full story here!

The cereal-topped drink, O'Captain My Captain at TAG Burger Bar.EXPAND

The cereal-topped drink, O’Captain My Captain at TAG Burger Bar.
Linnea Covington

1. TAG Burger Bar
1222 Madison Street

Just because Troy Guard’s causal burger place specializes in patties doesn’t mean that you can’t sidle up to the long, sturdy bar just for one of the crazy, boozy milkshakes on offer. Who knows — you may want to try all seven. Many of the $12 concoctions consist of soda and cereal, making them not only sweet and sensational, but colorful as well. Highlights include the Root of All Evil, which has your choice of ice cream with Bulleit bourbon and Abita root beer; Oh Captain My Captain, a fun interplay of strawberry ice cream with whipped-cream vodka and Cap’n Crunch Berries as garnish; and Nutella Me S’more, a mixture of chocolate ice cream, Nutella sauce, chocolate vodka, burnt marshmallow and a sprinkle of graham cracker crumbles. These adult shakes are guaranteed to bring out your inner child.