7 Must Try French Fries in Denver (303 Magazine)

When it comes to French Fries, we don’t discriminate, but we do appreciate a nice variety.  303 Magazine unveiled their list of the 7 must try french fries in town.  Click the link or read the highlights below.

Best “Fat” Fried Fries: TAG Burger Bar

Where: 1222 Madison St, Denver; 3759 Lipan St, Denver 

Going with the “duck” fry theme, TAG Burger Bar—with locations in Congress Park and the Sunnsyide—offers an almost sinful Duck Fat Fry, generously seasoned with kosher salt, black pepper, a pinch of sugar, paprika and cayenne pepper then fried in a rich duck fat. These fries eat more like a sweet and salty treat than your standard savory burger joint fried spuds.

Tag Burger Bar's Duck Fat Fries

Tag Burger Bar’s Duck Fat Fries